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Energy from the sun is both free and a great way to reduce your dependence on utility power. So how do solar power systems work? What are the varying types and how can they boost your energy needs?

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Urth Energy




In addition to excellent electricity retail* rates for both residential
and commercial, Urth Energy offer a range of value add products

1. Urth Saver - Urth Energy supply and install the solar system which
Urth then own, maintain and insure. Urth Energy simply sell the
electricity which is generated from the solar system back to the
customer at significantly cheaper rates. When comparing the
electricity rates, network charges and other fees charged by
electricity retailers, the Urth Saver product has proven to reduce
customers’ electricity rates between 20 and 40%. The rate per
kilowatt is guaranteed to be less than what the customer is currently
purchasing from the grid, hence savings are guaranteed.

2. Urth WinWin - For multi-tenant buildings such as shopping centres
and retirement villages, Urth Energy create an Embedded Network
and couple it with a solar system where possible. For the privilege of
effectively allowing Urth to manage the electricity on site, Urth pay
a 15% royalty fee to the building owner of all tenants electricity bills
and guarantee a 10% reduction in electricity costs to the tenant. All
at zero cost to the owner and tenant!

3. Urth FIT* - Urth Energy are able to offer all solar customers an
exceptional Feed In Tariff rates being:
• 20 cents per kilowatt for customers who have their new solar
installed by one of Urth’s solar company partners;
• 10 cents per kilowatt Feed in Tariff available for those with
existing solar systems in place. Note this 10 cents is in addition to
any current state Feed in Tariff payment.

4. Urth Generator* - If the business owns a diesel generator, Urth
Energy will advise when to turn it on and off in periods of very high
grid electricity costs. The generator’s electricity production is then
exported into the electricity grid, whereby Urth Energy will pay
agreed high prices to the owner for this exported electricity.



*Grid Retailing, Generator and Feed In Tariff not available in NT, VIC or WA




Solar Power Systems

On Grid

The principles of solar power remain the same whether it is a domestic, commercial or industrial



As the name implies, 'off-grid' systems are not connected to the public utility grid are often also referred


Battery Storage

Due to the reduced feed-in-tariff that is now legislated by our State Government (8c/kWh) for grid-connected solar systems,