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Energy from the sun is both free and a great way to reduce your dependence on utility power. So how do solar power systems work? What are the varying types and how can they boost your energy needs?

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What happens when you submit your Obligation Free quote to Rural Green Energy ?

One of our Solar Power Energy Efficiency Consultants will give you a call (usually within 48 hours). They will answer all of your questions, produce a satellite imaging report and discuss a number of options with you. They will also arrange a suitable time to inspect your property and measure your roof where necessary. This is to see what size solar power system will best suit your requirements. We also check your meter as one of our qualified electricians will need to access it so that your solar power system is up and running as quickly as possible.


Once you decide to go ahead and the system is approved (can take a few weeks), we contact you to schedule your solar power installation. Then our CEC accredited electricians install the solar panels ,inverter and batteries where applicable. Following the installation, your new solar meter needs to be installed which usually doesn’t take long. This is the final step. Your solar power system is then switched on and you enjoy the benefits of solar power.


We will then contact you within six months to check that you are happy with your system. We also offer a cost effective maintenance program that ensures your system is working to its optimum and will look after the maintenance, service and cleaning of your solar system.

Here is where you can find out more about the Solar System Maintenance Program.

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Solar Power Systems

On Grid

The principles of solar power remain the same whether it is a domestic, commercial or industrial



As the name implies, 'off-grid' systems are not connected to the public utility grid are often also referred


Battery Storage

Due to the reduced feed-in-tariff that is now legislated by our State Government (8c/kWh) for grid-connected solar systems,